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In a team meeting, we began talking about potential growth for the company, and asked ourselves this question:  Are we strategically positioned for growth? Our name contained the word media, yet as the business evolved since 2007, media was not the primary focus of the business. The font was hard to read and trendy.  We wanted a classic look and feel that would stand the test of time.


In our desire to become a more complete marketing resource for our clients, we needed a brand that would fulfill that goal.  We also wanted to integrate our personal and work lives, building the brand around a single word that represented an authentic reflection of our beliefs.  We searched for a name that could be used in both the everyday work we do and in our ministry, where we seek to bless others out of our blessings.

As we sought out larger and more robust projects, it was evident we needed to run the business through the same assessment process we use with our clients.  As we identified new positioning for the company, the brand became clear and Vessel was born.


The strength of the word vessel immediately creates an image in the reader’s mind.  Most people think of a vessel as a ship or large watercraft. Others may think of a hollow container that can be filled or even a tube that transports life-giving blood around the body. Regardless of the picture, all three types of vessels were made for a purpose, just like you and me, which is one of our core beliefs. Just as all three vessels are meant to carry or hold something, we want to carry the marketing weight of our clients, because as partners, we are all in the business of helping grow one another.

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