Scope of work

Brand Development

Print Collateral


Product Packaging

Website Development

Product Configurator


Company executives at Springboard hired Vessel mid-project to step in and fully develop the brand for its new line of glass marker boards.


Since Vessel joined an existing project, some elements of the Springboard brand were already established.  Vessel assessed the current state and worked with Springboard’s leadership team to steer them in a different direction regarding their vision for the glass marker boards.


Due to the timing of Vessel’s entry into the project, our team of professionals jumped into action and created the Make your mark campaign.  Various solutions were put in place to reach the target audience in time for a soft launch at Neocon.  The partnership with Springboard resulted in a re-scripted corporate video, website design, print advertising, brochure design, product mock-ups and even product configurators.  As Springboard’s business expands, Vessel will be there to provide ideas for continued growth.

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