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An icon in the trailer industry, Stoll Trailers Inc. came to Vessel to create consistent branding and focused marketing, for a product designed to serve the truss industry.

Working closely with the Stoll Trailers team, we recognized that dropping off a load of trusses was no easy feat and that Stoll had created a specialized tool to tackle industry-specific challenges.


The new brand, like the trailer itself, needed to be truss-focused, dependable and easy to use. This became the foundation for the brand identity. From the tagline and logo to the video assets and website, the concept of being specially made to tackle the job shines through at every touchpoint.


300% increase in sales in 18 months

With the new branding and content in place, we worked together to roll out several targeted marketing campaigns (digital and print) that resulted over triple the amount of TrussTran trailers sold over the next 18 months.


"Everything Vessel has done for us has made marketing so much easier."

"Before Vessel, we were only building 15-20 truss trailers per year. At that number, were not able to efficiently build the trailers, and therefore, it was not a profitable part of our business. We had attended a yearly trade show, which would normally get 5 to 8 orders, as a result of the show, but was not consistent enough throughout the rest of the year. It has allowed Truss Tran to grow to be a very important part of our business. We are on a pace to sell over 90 trailers in 2022."


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